SGS Economics and Planning governance

Every sphere of government in Australia has an interest in the success, resilience and quality of life offered in Australia’s cities and towns.

We have a unique ability to collaborate between and with the often-competing interests of different levels of government; we understanding planning considerations at different scales and how these interact to create the towns and cities of today.

We work in the public interest; this requires us to understand national, state and territory objectives and the ambitions of metropolitan and regional councils. We apply data and research at different scales to help governments understand how broader policy development, demographic change or economic trends will influence sustainable growth and the lives of their constituents.

We’ve appraised projects and programs at every level of government, and we believe that public spending must focus on creating prosperous, healthy and sustainable communities and places. We work for local government across Australia and in New Zealand in metropolitan and regional areas, with services ranging from policy or regulatory systems and planning controls, to governance frameworks, business case development, development contribution systems and strategic planning.

See our local authority membership service: LGiU Australia.

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