SGS Seminar - Is life in Melbourne getting better?

Answering the question ‘Is life in Melbourne getting better?’ is a multidimensional challenge. There can be no conclusive answer, because we all have our own views about what is important to our own lives and how our city functions.

Terry Rawnsley (SGS Prinicpal and Partner), Kate Roffey (CEO, Committee for Melbourne), and John Daley (CEO, Grattan Institute) discussed this topic at an SGS Seminar held on 20 August at the State Library of Victoria.

Extensive analysis was undertaken to inform this discussion. "This is the most important question we can ask ourselves as a society," says SGS Economics and Planning's Principal Terry Rawnsley.

To understand the progress of Melbourne we must examine many aspects of people’s lives - their incomes, their work life balance, their health, the quality of their environment, their access to opportunities, and so on. These dimensions of progress are intertwined. To earn more income, people may need to work longer hours and so have less leisure time. Rising incomes can lead to greater inequity.

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