Planning for high quality well used public open spaces: A framework for open space planning

SGS Senior Consultant, Lucinda Pike presented at the 2017 PIA Planning Congress held in Sydney.

Lucinda's presentation looked at the rapid growth of Australian cities, and the increasing pressure this is placing on existing public open space networks as well as the demand it is creating for new public open spaces. The last 80 years of local government planning for open space has been driven by two key metrics: quantity and proximity. This includes providing a certain quantity of open space per capita, and more recently, ensuring residents live in close proximity to open space. One of the negative long term consequences of focusing on these two metrics has been the proliferation of poor quality open spaces which are underused. Lucinda's presentation described a new complementary framework for strategically planning for open space. The presentation included a tool for strategically assessing the needs of the local community, and a series of indicators to guide the delivery of high quality well used public open spaces.

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