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SGS Economics and Planning James A

Regional data exposes east-west jobs divide


A mismatch between skill sets and the availability of labour in different parts of the state is causing unemployment to hit double figures in some South Australian regions while others cannot find enough workers to fill roles. Recently released ABS detailed labour force statistics for April show that while the jobs market is approaching ‘full-employment’ levels in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and the state’s South East, the jobless rate in Adelaide’s northern suburbs and the state’s far north and west remain stubbornly high.
SGS Economics and Planning Pat Fensham2

Why we need a betterment levy in NSW: better late than never


The NSW Productivity Commission in November released its final report on the Review of Infrastructure Contributions in NSW (PC Review). It controversially ruled out capturing a share of windfall gains made from rezonings or the granting of additional development, even though this is widely used in voluntary planning agreements (VPAs) and state infrastructure contributions (SIC). Planning controls ration access to development rights for the benefit and amenity of the community, and enable those...
SGS Economics and Planning Ellen W

Living on Australian coastline will get too risky and houses will be impossible to insure


Ellen Witte, economist and partner at SGS Economics and Planning, says that the new research by Perth’s Edith Cowan University into using the coastal vegetation in Australia to combat climate change, is worthwhile but doesn't take coastal residential developments into account and that the sea levels will keep rising. According to Ellen living along the Australian coastlines will become too expensive to insure and too risky. Listen to the interview.