LIVE Q&A EVENT: Investing for Purpose and Impact I Wed 4 Nov 2020

Posted November 05, 2020

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To celebrate 30 years in business, we brought together an expert team to look 30 years into the future of Australia’s cities and regions. In 3 events scheduled over 3 days, 16 experts discussed our current trajectory towards 2050 and shared practical steps for shaping a brighter future. Investing for Purpose and Impact was the first event in our series. Watch the event below.

Investing for Purpose and Impact

COVID-19 has accelerated economic, social and environmental change, presenting new opportunities and challenges for cities and regions.

Panellists Peter Colacino, Mitra Anderson-Oliver, Andrew McDougall, and Kim Bowater discuss how governments and organisations can stimulate economies by investing in high impact projects that are great for people and great for the planet. This was a free live stream Q&A event moderated by SGS CEO Alison Holloway.

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Peter Colacino leads Infrastructure Australia’s Policy and Research team and is tasked with identifying the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the delivery of infrastructure for Australia’s cities and regions. Peter has been at the forefront of a generational change in transport services, championing the adoption of connected and autonomous vehicle technology, electric vehicle adoption and new models of transport service provision.

Mitra Anderson-Oliver has over a decade of experience in strategic planning and design, sustainable cities and housing policy. Mitra has been instrumental in bringing to life groundbreaking urban policy and legislation, including for affordable housing, improvement of apartment standards and protection of urban waterways. Before joining the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Mitra worked as Head of Urban Design and Strategy at the Impact Investment Group.

Andrew McDougall, Principal & Partner and Executive Director at SGS Economics and Planning, helps government and business leaders balance quality investment decisions with the need for economic stimulus and improving community welfare. He has extensive experience in business case development and review, financial and economic appraisals, program evaluation, and economic analysis and strategy development.

Kim Bowater is Director of Consulting at Frontier Advisors and is responsible for overseeing the delivery of advice and research through Frontier’s consulting team. Kim has held a number of roles including managing Frontier’s research program, leading research teams including alternatives, currency and infrastructure, providing investment advice to large superannuation clients, and founding Frontier’s retirement solutions group.

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