West Melbourne Structure Plan - Economic Inputs

SGS was commissioned to undertake a study of the economic and employment profile of West Melbourne, to inform the development of the West Melbourne Structure Plan. The analyses identified opportunities for the precinct based on emerging local and broader trends, and included consideration of:

  • industrial and commercial land use profile
  • employment and economic trends
  • retail and community services profile
  • local and regional strategic context, and its influences on opportunities in the Precinct.

A range of scenarios for the future role of the precinct, including realistic opportunities and trade-offs, were identified. Retaining economic activity was determined as a key priority. SGS identified a range of potential statutory implementation mechanisms which included: application of Commercial zones, ‘Fine grain’ zoning, a ‘business’ oriented Mixed Use zone, Special Use zone or Comprehensive Development Zone, vertical zoning, implementing a Floor Area Uplift scheme, and revised Design and Development Overlap and Local Planning and Policy Framework. These were then assessed against their capacity to deliver and support the preferred mix of uses in the precinct.

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