Open space contributions policy report

SGS undertook work for the City of Stonnington council, in Melbourne’s inner south-east, to investigate whether there was strategic justification for amendment to the Schedule to Clause 52.01 and its Planning Scheme. This was in light of the Chapel reVision project, which anticipated a significant level of new development and investment in infrastructure in the area, and included expansion of public open space in the Chapel Street corridor.

The report investigated the amendment in respect to mandatory public open space contributions, and whether the Schedule should be modified to reflect the expected level of development in the area concerned.

The assessment conducted by SGS focused on:

  • The level and type of development that is expected to occur in the Chapel reVision planning area and in other parts of the municipality
  • The nature of open space need and works required to support the development, as shown in policies and strategies and in the Chapel reVision plan
  • The adequacy of the Council’s existing open space contribution model to deliver the ‘open space task,’ and
  • Assessment of alternative models if the existing model is deemed inadequate.

This assessment included using projections of demand for open space, and projections of land use by types and suburbs within the Stonnington Local Government Area. SGS then developed a series of testing scenarios for flat rate levies, which estimated the income the Council could earn with the projected trends in development.