Murray River Adventure Trail

SGS undertook an economic impact assessment and cost benefit analysis of four multi-sport adventure trail concepts along the Murray River, as conceived by Transplan Pty Ltd and Mike Halliburton Associates.

The four concepts included:

  • Concept 1: Continuous trail
  • Concept 2: Modal Change trail
  • Concept 3: Separated Experiences trail
  • Concept 4: Connected Experiences trail

The concepts traverse five regions along the Murray River, defined as the local government areas that compromise the Western, Mid Western, Central, Mid East and Eastern Murray regions.

The benefits included in the cost benefit assessment included:

  • Trail user benefits - the enjoyment experienced by trail users.

This benefit is confined to New South Wales and Victorian resident trail users, and has been monetised using the travel cost method, which asserts that the benefits enjoyed must at least outweigh the costs of getting to and using the trail. If this was not the case, users would make no effort to visit the trail.

  • Health benefits - the value of health costs savings in the future.

This benefit is future health cost savings, linked to physical activity levels of resident NSW and VIC trail users. Published benchmarks have been used to monetise this benefit.

  • Interstate and international visitor (export benefits)

By convention this is the first round value added component of export visitor spending, which is driven by the spending of interstate and international visitors that come to New South Wales and Victoria to make use of the trail.