Inner city enrolment study, Queensland

SGS was engaged by the Department of Education (DET) in Queensland to review trends in population growth in South East Queensland, focussing on inner city areas characterised by high density dwellings in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

SGS’s analysis carefully considered the shift in recent years towards apartment living in Queensland to determine the potential impact on school infrastructure needs across the State.

Examining national and international trends, SGS uncovered the key drivers and enablers for families locating in inner city areas. The findings indicated that families are increasingly making the trade off between a detached house and backyard, and the benefits of high density living such as access to employment, services and amenity.

Zooming in on select inner city areas, SGS hypothesised on the extent to which families with school aged children will live in these areas now and into the future. Mapping the results, SGS clearly demonstrated the scale of the issue should a plausible change in inner city demographics occur over the next 20 years.

This knowledge will assist the DET on the extent of demand for schools and the early planning which needs to happen to meet demand now and into the future.