Fishermans Bend Economic and Employment Study

The Victorian State Government has rezoned approximately 240 hectares of land at Fishermans Bend for staged urban renewal, with the vision of transforming the area into a mixed use precinct. Four redevelopment precincts within the suburb of Fishermans Bend were identified for renewal; the Montague, Wirraway and Sandridge precincts which lie within the municipality of Port Phillip, and the Lorimer precinct lying within the City of Melbourne. Collectively, these precincts are referred to as the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area (FBURA). Places Victoria has been charged with the responsibility to investigate, plan and deliver the project. Four redevelopment scenarios were reviewed.

SGS was commissioned by Places Victoria to provide advice on the significance and dynamics of the FBURA in a regional and metropolitan context, and additionally to assist in understanding whether the area has any intrinsic economic links to the Melbourne CBD. The report profiles the economy and categorises land use in the redevelopment precincts and the wider suburb of Fishermans Bend. The report uses the analysis, augmented with results of a targeted consultation exercise, and review of reports by other consultants engaged on various aspects of the redevelopment, to prepare a SWOT analysis of the nominated area in its current role.

Importantly, where possible, the employment, business and land use profile of the examined redevelopment precincts in the FBURA and the study area in question were compared with the wider suburb of Fishermans Bend.