NSW Department of Education


New South Wales

Simulation model helps the Department of Education efficiently plan investments for each school cluster.

We worked with the NSW Department of Education and Small Multiples to develop an innovative school simulation model. This model will effectively and efficiently ensure that school resources and infrastructure match growing demands across New South Wales over the next 15 years.

The simulation model pulls data streams from multiple sources and uses visual analytic techniques to show both current and forecast demand on an integrated dashboard. It analyses how far students travel to and from school, the quality of school infrastructure, school capital and maintenance costs, and current enrolment capacity.

Government asset planners use the simulation model to:

  • generate and select a shortlist of asset solutions
  • assess scenario risk, and
  • identify the best asset response for each school cluster.

This industry-leading platform has now gained interest from other Australian state and territory governments, as well as international school infrastructure planning departments.

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