Employment lands study

SGS was engaged by the City of Sydney to prepare an employment lands study for the Local Government Area (LGA). The aim of this study was to determine the long-term demand for industrial and business zoned land in the southern area of the LGA - strategically located between the airport and the CBD. The study built on previous reports and informed the preparation of the City’s Draft Employment Lands Strategy.

The project involved:

  • A review of major state and local planning documents, reports and data
  • Analysis of the dynamics of the local and broader metropolitan employment land trends
  • Extensive consultation with business tenants, land owners, government agencies and stakeholders, and
  • Comprehensive supply and demand analysis and forecasts.

During the course of the study, three alternative scenarios for land use were developed in addition to a base case operating under existing zoning. Each of these were assessed in terms of its advantages and disadvantages for the study area. As a result of this, SGS made detailed land use recommendations, developed strategies for the study area to guide employment lands policies and recommended future amendments to local planning controls.