Discussion Paper on Best Practice Urban Renewal to inform Bays Precinct

The City of Sydney commissioned SGS to prepare a discussion paper with the aim to 'document the planning principles, processes and governance arrangements that have led to best practice urban renewal outcomes'. The paper is to inform members of the community and prepare them for the Bay Precinct Renewal Summit.

The overview of the paper included:

  • Six case studies: the six examples cover different scales and jurisdictions but also precincts where development is at least partially complete and ‘outcomes’ are evident. The reporting of the case studies utilises the urban renewal framework elements as reference points.
  • The case studies and the analysis of the literature, highlight the need for reference to some overarching principles for successful renewal processes and projects. Key, up-front ‘foundation principles’ are suggested, followed by the supporting principles listed under each of these elements.
  • Reflection on the implications for the Bays precinct.

The best practice principles identified in the paper cover the relevant features of the renewal process. These include the rationale (‘why’ urban renewal is carried out), the steps of the process, and the governance arrangements (‘who’ should be responsible through the process).