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Yuan Deng

BCom, Master of Actuarial Studies, AIAA
+61 2 8307 0121

Yuan is an Actuary with extensive experience in economic analysis and policy evaluation. During his eight years at SGS, Yuan has developed expertise in the areas of retail analysis, development feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, land use planning and forecasting, and housing and infrastructure planning studies.

Yuan has significant experience with SGS’s Retail Simulation Model and has developed a Canberra-wide retail model that allows the ACT Government to assess the strategic impact of retail proposals and to formulate evidence-based commercial land release programs. In addition, Yuan has peer reviewed a wide range of economic impact assessment reports prepared by other retail consultants, on behalf of local councils and NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. He was also the project manager for a strategic retail assessment for the Western Sydney region, which involved the development of a full retail simulation model for the region to forecast future retail demand and provisioning gaps.

Yuan has led a range of financial and economic appraisals on behalf of various government agencies to support their capital businesses for Treasury funding. These assignments span over a diverse array of projects, including public transport, education, cultural and community infrastructure, as well as government-led IT investment. For example, Yuan has recently been involved in a pilot study into the benefits of improving school infrastructure in NSW. This study assessed the costs and benefits of developing a high-rise school equipped with future-focused learning classrooms to facilitate the modern pedagogy and to cater for the rapid growth in enrolment demand in the local area. Using the metrics and valuation framework developed through this pilot study, Yuan has then led numerous cost benefit analyses for various school projects to be delivered by School Infrastructure NSW.

Working for the then Sydney Metro Authority, Yuan produced a range of land use forecasts to accompany different Metro Rail investment packages for population and employment, and infrastructure futures. More recently, Yuan has been involved in the preparation of small area population, household and employment forecasts for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area as an input into the Strategic Travel Model used by Transport for NSW for assessing significant transport investment.

Yuan has also been leading the development of data-driven digital products at SGS. Recently, Yuan has managed the development of the School Planning Assistance Tool for the NSW Department of Education. The tool utilises cloud-based data analytics to align enrolment demand with school capacity, thereby predicting the provisioning gaps across a network of schools. This tool will be used repeatedly by the Department to solve supply-demand issues and to prioritise capital investment decisions as part of the process in preparing school cluster plans.

Together with Yuan’s strong analytical and modelling skills, one of his key strengths is the ability to effectively communicate complex modelling issues and results to a broad range of stakeholders in a simple and accessible way.

Prior to joining SGS, he worked for a management consultancy company as an analyst, assisting both public and private sector clients to improve their processes, reduce costs and develop business strategies.