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Vivian Hung

Master of Urban Planning, Bachelor of Foreign Language and Literature
03 8616 0331


Vivian is an urban planner and spatial data professional. She has five years of experience in demographics and urban planning as a population forecaster at .id the population experts prior to joining SGS in 2018. This has included preparing population forecasts for a number of Australian states and territories, developing automation methods, GIS plugins, and database management systems.

Vivian’s career has seen her develop an extensive understanding from the Australian land use systems, ABS data, planning documents, and housing development research, to SQL database management, data manipulation, and spatial programming. At SGS, she has also gained knowledge and experience in urban economics and mathematical modelling.

Project experience

In regards to population forecast work in 2013-2018, Vivian was heavily involved in small area population forecast projects for the state of Victoria, New South Wales, and Western Australia, which required tracking down of housing development, extensive housing research, and forecasting dwelling and population growth at an entire state level.

In 2018 after joining SGS, Vivian’s key experience includes the following projects:

  • Infrastructure Victoria (2018): Metropolitan Spatial Profiles project
    • SQL database establishment and management
    • Report writing and quantitative data analysis
  • Transport for Victoria (2018): Small Area Model
    • Python coding and automation testing
  • Camden City Council (2019): Camden Centres Study
    • Report writing and quantitative data analysis to inform strategies for retail and commercial centres
  • Research and development working group (2018): SGS working groups
    • Gravity modelling for electronic gaming machine venues
  • Newhaven Group (2019): Cost benefit analysis in transport projects
    • Report writing and quantitative data analysis