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Joseph Giang

Honours in Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies) Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies & Finance) Bachelor of Economics (Econometrics & Business Statistics) Masters of Transport and Traffic (ongoing) Associate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia
03 8616 0331

Joseph is an actuary, economic analyst and programmer who specialises in spatial economics and econometric forecasting models. His experience includes a wide spectrum of areas including econometric analysis, transport planning, geographic information systems, financial modelling and website authoring.

Using his excellent technical and analytical skills, Joseph has managed and contributed to a range of projects, including modelling employment and population trends into the future, assessing demand for education facilities in urban renewal areas within central Melbourne, and developing various web tools to showcase how interactions between transport and land use impact our cities. He has also been involved in development of a ‘Digital Hub’ web platform to house the spatial and digital insights developed by SGS.

Throughout his studies, Joseph was awarded many academic awards, including the Dean’s Honours List award for placing in the top two students within his degree, the highest achiever in both the Finance and Actuarial Studies specialisations, and awards for the highest achieving score in numerous subjects, including three subjects within the Masters of Transport and Traffic.

Joseph has an interest in spatial and transport economics, particularly in analysing how changes to transport, land use, housing and retail all shape how our cities work as a system.