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Joseph Giang

BCom (Finance and Actuarial Studies) (Hons), BEc (Econometrics and Business Statistics)
03 8616 0331

Joseph is a graduate economist who specialises in economic and econometric data analysis and modelling. During his university studies, Joseph specialised in a wide spectrum of subject areas including business modelling, statistics, applied econometrics, actuarial science, corporate finance and computer programming. His honours research involved modelling option prices under Monte Carlo simulation, discussing and evaluating various lifecycle investment strategies, and analysing the differences between modelling financial stock prices using single-factor and multi-factor econometric models.

Throughout university, Joseph was awarded a large number of academic awards, including the Dean’s Honours List award for placing within the top 2% of the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics, the highest achieving graduate in both the Finance and Actuarial Studies specialisations, and awards for the highest academic score in a variety of his subjects.

Joseph has an interest in spatial and transport economics, particularly in analysing how changes to transport, land use, housing and retail all shape how our cities work as a system.