D’Arcy is an urban planner and data scientist with a passion for planetary health, economic justice, and citizen participation in urban planning.

D'Arcy uses insights from data to help businesses and governments shape fair, healthy, and sustainable cities and regions. He believes that open data science can make research accessible and reproducible, and empower society and all levels of government to deliberate on public policy in an informed manner.

D’Arcy enjoys (and is very good at) solving complex problems. He is interested in decolonising planning, public health, public life studies and resilience.

Before joining our team, D'Arcy worked on a food security intervention as part of the City of Sydney’s Social Sustainability Policy and assisted the Charles Perkins Centre to research the political determinants of health at the local government level.

D’Arcy is always on the go and has many interests outside work, including playing the piano, swimming in the ocean and studying foreign languages.