Bill is a policy and project procurement expert who believes in promoting opportunity and equality across Australia.

His professional purpose was inspired by his own good fortune in rising from a single-parent, working-class household in Campsie in the 1960s to enjoy a world-class education and successful career.

Bill has executive-level experience in finance, investment banking, policy advice, and infrastructure and property in Australia and internationally. In and outside of government, Bill’s specialist skills in public private partnerships and in financing infrastructure has focused on transport, water, energy, hospitals, schools, housing, and technology. He uses a pragmatic, real-world fiscal approach to his work.

Bill has also led due diligence for large-scale infrastructure projects in China, India, Vietnam and Africa. He applies strong analytical skills to business cases including scenario development, sensitivity analysis, risk strategy and financial modelling.

His favourite jobs involve bringing arts and culture, education and business innovation together. He is very proud of his role in helping the Royal Botanical Gardens Trust to secure $60 million in the Western Sydney City Deal for the Centre for Innovation in Plant Sciences at Mt Annan.

Bill has an analytical nature and a creative heart. He is passionate about the Australian arts and culture scene and enjoys reading and writing about literature. He has just completed a 400,000-word piece of work re-examining James Joyce’s Ulysses and Homer’s Odyssey from the POV of the son. He grew up 500 yards from Belmore Sports Ground and remains a member of the NRL Bulldogs.