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Andrew McDougall

Principal and Partner
BBus Mgt (Eco), Fin, GradDipAppFin, MPD
+61 3 8616 0331

Andrew is responsible for leading a wide variety of consultancy based projects, including:

  • Formal business cases for government funding, as well as independent reviews of business cases (accredited Gateway reviewer)
  • Financial and economic appraisals of proposed projects and programs, including cost benefit analysis, financial analysis and socio-economic impact assessments
  • Formal evaluations of government programs which investigate the appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency and ongoing need of program delivery, as well as strategies for improving their delivery
  • Economic analysis and strategy development, as well as action planning and governance structures for optimising regional, urban and industry development
  • Demand forecasting including projections of residential, retail, commercial, industrial and institutional development requirements, along with strategies for optimising supply, and
  • Specialised public policy research surrounding urban, economic and industry competitiveness including strategies to maximise development potential within this context.

Andrew has been an executive director of SGS since 2012, and chairs SGS’s Human Resources & Nominations Committee.

Andrew has completed consultancy projects for all tiers of government, across all of Australia’s states and territories, as well as for the private and not for profit sectors. Andrew has also successfully delivered projects in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Malaysia.

Andrew has worked extensively with social infrastructure stakeholders for more than a decade to ensure appropriate planning, analysis and funding is leveraged to optimise infrastructure provision. This work has covered education, health, cultural, library and community facilities, and has encompassed demand projections, supply optimisation, feasibility analysis (financial analysis), socio-economic appraisal, full business case development, and the prioritisation of available funding for government agencies.

Andrew has undertaken numerous economic assessments of spatial planning frameworks and urban renewal projects across Australia. This includes testing the costs and benefits generated by whole of region spatial planning frameworks (e.g. Lower Hunter Housing Strategy), and specific urban renewal projects (e.g. E-Gate, Fishermans Bend, Green Square, Tonsley). Often this work feeds into full business case development, with Andrew leading this process or playing a specialist role within an integrated team.

Andrew has been involved with the development of numerous innovation precincts across multiple Australian jurisdictions. This includes assessing the positioning of candidate precincts, evaluating the costs and benefits of precinct development strategies, and designing governance arrangements that enable effective delivery. By way of example, Andrew was extensively involved with the redevelopment of the Tonsley (former Mitsubishi) site in southern Adelaide into the Tonsley Innovation Precinct; leading teams that developed the initial policy framework for the project, as well as assessing the project’s policy and economic merit, and designing governance arrangements for the project in its operational stage.

Andrew has led the formal evaluation of several government expenditure programs (e.g. Victorian Government’s Community Facilities Funding Program). Each of these evaluations has required data analysis, stakeholder engagement, economic modelling and policy best practice review to inform the integrated assessment of program appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency and ongoing need.

Andrew has led a number of local government amalgamation/ cooperative governance studies (e.g. Western Sydney Cooperative Governance Options). This work has generally included assessing how different communities are functionally linked, identifying amalgamation or alternative governance options, and then assessing the likely financial, economic and strategic merits of each.

Prior to working with SGS, Andrew was employed simultaneously by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) and by a boutique management consulting firm. Andrew has also worked within the economic development branch of the Gold Coast City Council. He commenced his career in business lending with one of Australia’s leading retail banks.

In 2007 and 2008 Andrew was placed with one of Australia’s leading property advisory firms. There he led a small team of property economists.