SGS student scholarship 'an affirmation that pursuing social justice is valued'

'A wonderful affirmation that pursuing social justice is valued in the industry' was how University of Melbourne Master of Urban Planning student Emily Pritchard described receiving the SGS Graham Larcombe scholarship this month.

Always interested in social justice, Emily’s passion for shaping an inclusive and equitable society stepped up a notch after embarking on an exchange program to the Philippines in 2015. “I know it’s cheesy to say, but it was an incredible and transformational experience,” said Ms Pritchard. “When I finished my internships in the Philippines, I said to myself: What is the most important thing I can be doing right now?” Her answer was to pursue a career in urban planning, with a focus on community engagement.

The SGS Economics and Planning scholarship is named after the late Graham Larcombe, a champion of the people. Graham was a co-consultant, teacher and honorary adviser at SGS. He was passionate about equality of opportunity, environmental sustainability and the proper, inclusive governance of our cities, towns and regions - for him, these were integral elements of a truly prosperous society.

For SGS, the scholarship is a way to perpetuate Graham's ideas and beliefs.

“The scholarship is a way for us to reward, motivate and provide opportunities for students who share Graham's areas of interest,” said SGS Principal and Partner Patrick Fensham. “We congratulate Emily and hope that her passion for pursuing social justice ‘because it's the right thing to do’ never wanes."

Scholarship recipient, Emily Pritchard, and SGS Prinicpal and Partner, Patrick Fensham