SGS is delighted to welcome Luke Nicholls to our team

We are delighted to announce that Luke Nicholls is joining our SGS team from July 2018 to lead project delivery across Western Sydney and work with us to grow our team and our impact.

Luke is an experienced City Planner with over 20 years in local government strategic planning, management, project delivery and environmental law. He has been Director of Planning and Environment at major local authorities in Western Sydney as well as for the regional city of Port Macquarie. His experience covers policy and reform, and as an executive working on complex project delivery across multiple Councils and with State Government agencies and service providers. Including asset management and business case development. Luke has recently been involved in the successful negotiation of the Western Sydney City Deal, the development of the Western Sydney District Plan by the GSC and been a member of the advisory forum for the Western Sydney Airport.

Western Sydney is the focus of much of Greater Sydney's growth and change over the next 20+ years. There are also significant planned investments including Western Sydney Airport, growth of strategic centres, major transport, health and education projects that have the potential to reshape the region. The focus on delivering better community outcomes from this growth and investment lies with local government. Luke knows Western Sydney, and he knows local government.

Luke brings an even greater depth and diversity to our skills and experience at SGS. He offers our clients expertise across strategic local government planning, local government policy and innovation, decision making support, project development and delivery as well as statutory planning and approvals.

Luke was a key part of the SGS team from 2011 - 2014, when he held various roles including Sydney Practice Leader, Principal and CEO. We're excited to welcome Luke back to the SGS team.

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