SGS contributes to important new book on metropolitan governance

CSIRO Publishing will release Australia's Metropolitan Imperative: An Agenda for Governance Reform in July. This book of sixteen chapters is edited by Prof Richard Tomlinson of Melbourne University and Dr Marcus Spiller, Principal and Partner at SGS. As well as providing several anchor chapters themselves, the editors recruited a compelling group of writers from highly acclaimed academics through to emerging young talent, including Laura Schmahmann (Associate, SGS) and Rhys Murrian (Consultant, SGS).

Australia’s Metropolitan Imperative shows that Commonwealth and State Government custody of Australia’s big cities is badly dysfunctional. Current governance arrangements impede innovation and much needed reform in transport, economic development, housing and sustainable development. The book argues for the institution of a fourth tier of fiscally self-reliant and democratically mandated government to take care of the metropolitan areas, as is the case in most advanced economies.

Copies of the book are available at: