Growing Victoria’s Potential: the opportunities and challenges of population growth

Growing Victoria’s Potential: the opportunities and challenges of Victoria’s population growth

Infrastructure Victoria published Growing Victoria’s Potential, a discussion paper examining the challenges and opportunities of Victoria’s population growth. It is the first discussion paper in the updated Victoria’s 30-year infrastructure strategy.

Growing Victoria’s Potential identifies some key questions Infrastructure Victoria seeks to answer in the updated strategy. What level of density is right for a growing Melbourne? How to make the most of Victoria’s regions? How to have the right infrastructure in the right place at the right time?

Underpinning the paper is a package of research exploring these key areas - including the SGS Economics and Planning functional economic region report, metropolitan regional profiles, and inter-regional report.

Functional Economic Region Report

Inter-Regional Report

Inner South East Region

Eastern Metro Region

Western Metro Region

Southern Metro Region

Inner Metro Region

Northern Metro Region

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