Armando Mazzei presents at the Australian Regional Development Conference

Regional Australia is continually growing with 1.3 million additional residents expected over the next 20 years. This additional population will place stress on existing infrastructure, putting the lifestyle of regional residents at risk. To mitigate these impacts, Australia’s regions need to invest $25 billion in infrastructure. Limited resources will make delivering this infrastructure a challenge. Infrastructure requirements across different regional areas varies, requiring a tailored approach for each community.

Armando Mazzei, Associate, presented “Funding our regions: Successful stories of infrastructure funding in regional towns with developers contributions plans” at the recent Australian Regional Development Conference. Armando’s presentation reviewed the adoption of Development Contributions Plans (DCPs) in Regional Victoria, revealing that adopted DCPs are funding $1.2 billion of infrastructure through regional councils.

Armando’s presentation highlighted the benefits that DCPs provide to regional areas, compared to the risks associated with putting them in place. Armando also reviewed ways which regional councils can build their skills to implement DCPs, as well as the tools available to monitor the performance of DCPs.

View Armando's presentation here.