Annual Company Conference

The Annual Company Conference (ACC), held in Coogee this year, focused on innovation, collaboration and opportunity identification. The day was framed around an innovation charrette where teams looked at a range of challenges that SGS and our clients face when delivering public policy.

The day was provided an excellent platform through a presentation from Johanna Pitman, Program Director of BlueChilli’s City Connect. Following this, each of the ten teams worked through the phases of idea development. These included problem definition, opportunity identification and prioritisation, idea refinement, and idea development and prosecution.

The day ended with each of the teams presenting their innovative idea to an internal panel and the wider team.

The purpose of SGS’s ACC is to provide opportunities for the whole team to come together, look beyond daily projects and listen to and discuss new ideas. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart, the ACC is an important day in the SGS calendar for inspiration, information exchange and team building, always with a focus on the bigger picture in line with our vision “to be a college of professionals providing Australia's best independent policy advice”.