Urban Policy and Governance

SGS’s work in urban policy and governance covers a comprehensive range of spatial planning, strategic management and policy, project and program advisory services.

SGS brings together specific public policy expertise with a range of conceptual and analytical frameworks from economics, strategic planning and statistics to generate fresh and independent insights for clients across these services.

Getting the best outcome for the community from the available resources – whether in physical, built form terms or in program and project delivery – is fundamental to SGS’s approach.

SGS has assisted all Australian state governments in preparing their respective metropolitan plans – besides plan preparation, providing project management, technical advice and peer review perspectives. For Territory and local governments, SGS has undertaken structure planning for employment and residential land studies, as inputs into statutory plan revisions.

SGS has been a leading provider of policy advisory services across a broad spectrum of portfolios, including national and state plans for social housing provision, adaptation pathways to respond to climate change, health service needs in regions, economic valuations of alternative settlement options and ‘board room’ advice to investors participating in public private bids.

Within this area of service, SGS serves its clients in the following areas:

  • Site, precinct, sub-regional and metropolitan policy and planning
  • Housing, retail and employment lands studies for local and regional areas
  • Affordable and social housing planning and policy development
  • Urban governance including analysis of the optimal allocation of functions within and between spheres of government and identifying and evaluating options for the restructuring of institutions and programs
  • Evaluating the cost effectiveness of legislation, regulations and policy initiatives
  • Building local institutional capacity, especially with respect to delivery of urban and regional services and infrastructure
  • Estimating program need and demand, and citizen attitudes to government services
  • Provision of advice to the private sector regarding the implications of government programs and policies.

SGS has also delivered training services for senior public policy officials in strategic planning and management, investment appraisal and cost benefit analysis. We have helped a range of clients write successful budget submissions to State and Commonwealth Governments.

To discuss this topic further please contact Pat Fensham, National Area of Service Leader for Urban Policy and Governance.