Precinct level housing capacity assessments

Capacity to accommodate population growth and housing development can vary across cities, suburbs and even streets. SGS’s precinct level housing capacity assessments can provide councils with lot-level information on how much capacity a municipality has for dwellings growth base on local area planning and policy decisions.

SGS’s precinct level housing capacity assessments incorporate physical and policy-based limitations to understand total and net housing capacity for any uniquely defined precinct.

We assess each lot for development potential, identifying if, and how many, additional dwellings are possible based on a transparent and data driven approach.

SGS’s housing capacity assessments are undertaken in 3 key steps using lot level attributes and assumptions, as follows:

Councils can utilise SGS’s housing capacity assessments to help understand where future dwelling demand could be accommodated across a municipality. This can help inform the development of future housing or infrastructure strategies, or potential future rezonings.

Housing capacity assessments can be used to understand theoretical capacity based on planning controls. SGS can also undertake complementary analysis to estimate the likely rate of realisation of this capacity over time and the capacity of other uses, such as employment.


To find out more about SGS's small area housing capacity assessments, contact Julian Szafraniec.