ShapeVIC is an SGS Economics and Planning digital solution that makes it easy for local councils to plan, fund and monitor public infrastructure in Victoria.

Developed and tested by our expert team in consultation with local councils, ShapeVIC makes developing, monitoring and adjusting development contribution plans straightforward. ShapeVIC has three modules:

  • Explorer is a custom built web-based platform which helps local councils explore and validate the value of creating a DCP to fund essential local infrastructure upgrades and expansions.
  • Creator helps local councils create their DCP. It provides a central point for data collection and preparation, and calculates contributions. The web-based tool includes a dashboard to validate data and refine scenarios.
  • Monitor reviews the performance of an adopted DCP throughout its entire duration. The ShapeVIC dashboard displays key indicators including alerts of legal and operational requirements, allowing local councils to make timely and appropriate decisions. Yearly Ministerial reports can be exported directly from the dashboard.

With more than 30 years' experience working with local councils to manage development contribution plans, we understand that each local council is unique. ShapeVIC can be customised to meet your council's specific needs and it includes ongoing training, support, troubleshooting and expert advice from our team.

To discuss how ShapeVIC can help you plan, fund and manage essential public infrastructure for your community call 03 8616 0331 or email [email protected].