Strategic Plan for City of Sydney: Sustainable Sydney 2030

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is the vision and strategic plan for the City of Sydney over the next 25 years. SGS led a team of planning, transport, social, cultural and economic experts to work collaboratively with the Council to prepare this longer term vision to fulfil the promise and opportunities increasingly expected of the City.

Sydney 2030 will guide the Council to deliver what the community desires: a sustainable future, secure homes, inspiring workplaces, great parks in urban settings, a vibrant arts and cultural sector, villages to settle families and businesses, a dynamic economy, a desirable global city, a high quality public domain, a vibrant and diverse culture, all serviced by a clean and integrated transport system which improves pedestrian and cycle access.

The project began with detailed analysis of the city's existing situation, to develop discussion papers for each topic area to confirm status, objectives and current projections. Through this process, key knowledge gaps were identified and briefs established to procure additional information required. The analysis also encompassed a thorough benchmarking of National and International precedents of both Strategic/Vision Plans and performance indicators. The outcomes of the analysis and the initial consultation processes were incorporated into a draft strategic Vision.

The draft Vision, including its principles, targets and strategies was formulated and tested, including the exploration of options and priorities, working collaboratively with stakeholders. Each of the required interventions were tested for their cost and benefit to establish their feasibility and relationships to the total suite of actions. All proposals were then evaluated to select the flagship projects and programs for further development.

Following a period of public exhibition and comment, the Council reviewed and adopted the Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy with its Vision and 186 initiatives. The Strategic Plan includes a Vision, strategic directions, objectives, actions and targets and project ideas which translate the vision into reality. Actions within Sustainable Sydney 2030 have been embedded in the City's Corporate Plan. The City has committed to ongoing consultation with all stakeholders and will continue to work with State and Federal Government agencies to make Sustainable Sydney 2030 a reality.

The Strategic Vision highlights five big moves to transform the City:

  1. A revitalised City Centre at the heart of Global Sydney - Lively, people-friendly centre for premium business, reconnected to the Harbour
  2. An integrated Inner Sydney transport network - New sustainable transport connecting Inner Sydney, the City Centre and the City's Villages, with congestion removed from the City Centre and Villages.
  3. A liveable green network - Continuous green corridors integrated with liveable streets, providing dedicated pedestrian and cycle ways, and new ways to explore the City and its Villages.
  4. Activity Hubs as a focus for the City's villages and transport - Sustainable places for communities in the City's distinctive villages to meet, catch transport, create, learn, work and shop.
  5. Sustainable development renewal - Initiatives to re-make the City, including energy and water efficient infrastructure, affordable housing, high quality public space, design and access to essential transport choices.

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 City Strategy includes 10 strategic directions, objectives, actions and project ideas which aim to translate the Five Big Moves of the vision into reality. The project ideas are underpinned by the economic, social and environmental research outlined in the background discussion papers, research survey and strategic directions prepared by the consortium team.

More information about Sydney 2030 can be found here