SGS announces appointment of new Melbourne Practice Leader

Liz Mackevicius has been promoted to Senior Associate and appointed Melbourne Practice Leader.

Since joining SGS in 2015, Liz has been involved in a number of high profile projects including a long term secondment supporting the Greater Sydney Commission, a review of Victoria In Future, providing advice regarding the monitoring and reporting of Plan Melbourne, and numerous Local Government projects. Prior to joining SGS, Liz spent a number of years working within State and Local Government, and the private sector. Liz brings considerable management, leadership and technical experience to the role. The Practice Leader is charged with leading their practice’s business development initiatives and managing the consultant team.

SGS would like to thank Daniela Jovanovic for her four years of service as Melbourne Practice Leader. With Liz’s appointment as Melbourne Practice Leader, Daniela will focus on her role as Chief Operating Officer, as well as providing expert advice on a range of client projects.

SGS is also pleased to announce a range of other promotions including Jeremy Gill to Senior Associate, and Lucinda Pike and Keeley Allen to Senior Consultant. A number of our Consultants were also promoted.

Congratulations Liz, Jeremy, Lucinda and Keeley your promotions.

We wish all of our clients a happy holiday break and look forward to working with you in 2017.